How To Enable Bedtime Mode In Samsung In Just 8 Easy Steps?

Want to lessen the amount of light your phone emits and avoid awaken by late-night group chats? Turn on bedtime mode in Samsung in the Digital Wellbeing and parental controls to silence calls and notifications and alter the screen’s color to grayscale.

The Samsung Bedtime function creates a peaceful, dark environment that prevents smartphone notifications from “peeking into your dreams.” Checking the clock alarm, setting the wake-up and sleep hours, choosing a wake-up timer, editing and viewing the bedtime mode, and other options are ways to activate bedtime mode. 

If you have a Samsung smartphone and want to know how to root the Samsung Galaxy S6, click here. The methods to enable the Bedtime Mode in Samsung are given in this explainer. Let’s start. 

Bedtime Mode in Samsung

Every new software update includes several crucial features, bug fixes, and design improvements. In addition to a considerable improvement in notification alerts, the most recent What is bedtime mode? Android version also adds several crucial functions, such as parental controls and elements related to Digital to turn on/off

The most current Android release for Samsung devices enables users to place the device in an apparent Do Not Disturb status while sleeping at night. Bedtime mode in Samsung is the name of the functionality.

Bedtime mode mutes all incoming calls and notification alerts and converts the display to a grayscale image. 

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Benefits Of Bedtime Mode

Lack of sleep can harm the heart and jeopardize one’s general health. So, a typical piece of healthful advice is to obtain enough good sleep. Modern cell phones now have more health-related capabilities to solve this issue. However, having a smartphone with unrestricted internet access may also make someone less concerned about these health hazards.

problems with sleep disorder

The bedtime mode is one of the newest integrations. Consider using the bedtime mode on your phone to its fullest potential if you have insomnia or other comparable illnesses.

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Enabling Bedtime Mode in Samsung

Let’s look at how you can configure a Samsung phone for bedtime mode android.

Check The Clock Alarms

If the Alarms tab still needs to be visible, open the Clock app on your Samsung galaxy app and hit Alarm at the bottom of the screen.

alarm setting

To enter the Alarms menu, tap the three dots button on the right.

Set A Bedtime

A set bedtime menu is available if you have never set a bedtime.

sleep goal


This disappears once you establish bedtime.  Tap it to proceed.

Introduction For Bedtime

This information screen is shown first when you configure bedtime mode in Samsung. mode on

Nothing further needs to be done besides pressing the Next button to carry on.

Establish Wake And Sleep Times

By sliding the icons around the clock face in this image, you may set your bedtime and wake-up time. The times in the middle will update to display the precise time you will get up and go to bed.


Don’t worry about it now; you might wake up at different times on the weekends. You can even set it to a typical workday.

Different Bedtime Modes

If you are doing something, like watching television, and forget the time, you can create a reminder notice on the following screen. By default, the mode is set to 15 minutes before bedtime, but by hitting the link, you may change it to no alert at bedtime, 5 or 15 minutes beforehand.

different modes

Setting a reminder can help you develop the habit of getting ready for bed and drifting off to sleep simultaneously every night.

daymode nightmode


Switch on the Samsung bedtime mode. It states, “Change the screen to greyscale and mute called, alarms, and other sounds during bedtime,” so take note of that. If you have a problem doing so and your phone hangs. If you want to learn how to boot Samsung Recovery Mode, click here

Decide On A Wake-Up Timer.

The wake-up alarm can now be set for certain days, such as Monday through Friday, and can even be turned off on weekends. Similar to a standard repeated alarm, this.

wake up

Click on each link to select the alarm sound, vibration, and snooze choices. When everything is set, click Done.

Watch Alarms

When you arrive back at the Alarms interface, the upcoming alert is displayed at the top. 

bedtime mode icon

The bedtime mode alert looks different from standard alarms. It has an on/off switch, days of the week, and start and end times. You should turn it off if you’re out having fun on a Saturday night and need calls, notifications, and other features enabled. Remember to turn it back on Sunday to ensure you are awakened for work on Monday.

Edit And View The Bedtime Mode

To view or modify the settings once android sleep mode has been set up, tap it on the Alarms screen.

bedtime types

The step-by-step manual that initially appears while setting it up has been replaced by a single screen that contains everything. To access more settings, swipe up.

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Alternatives To Android’s Bedtime Mode

If your phone doesn’t have the Digital Wellbeing function, you can use other third-party reminder apps from the Google Play Store to mimic its “quiet notifications feature.” To configure the same, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Phone Silencer app from the Google Play Store to your phone.reminder apps
  2. Next, provide the program with the permissions it needs to function.bedtime reminder
  3. To establish a brand-new personalized silent profile, click the Add icon in the bottom right corner of the site.add reminder
  4. Enter the profile’s desired settings to activate the schedule and click the Save button.reminder details
  5. And that’s all! The app will automatically turn off all alerts for the time you specify each day.turn off bedtime


Has the Samsung Galaxy had a sleep mode?

The Digital Wellbeing menu is where the wellness features of Samsung Galaxy handsets are. The bedtime mode is one of the newest integrations. Consider using the bedtime mode in Samsung on your phone to its fullest potential if you have insomnia or other comparable illnesses.

How can I get my Galaxy Watch 4 to go into bedtime mode?

If you have a Galaxy Watch4, you may program Bedtime mode to turn on and off at specific hours. Open Settings on your Galaxy Watch. After selecting Advanced features, choose Bedtime mode. Please turn it on as scheduled by turning on the toggle there.

What does Google's new screen time bedtime mode entail?

Google's Digital Wellbeing service, which predates Apple's Screen Time, now includes Bedtime Mode. Although it is essentially a rebranding of the former ‘Wind Down’ feature, the new ‘Bedtime Mode’ in Digital Wellbeing is quite similar to the analogous option on the iPhone.

How can Android users enable bedtime?

Using your Android phone, you may enable bedtime by following these easy steps: Select the Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls option in the Settings app by opening it. Next, press the Bedtime mode icon next to concentrate mode and activate the ‘Based on a Timetable’ toggle to create a personalized schedule for triggering Bedtime mode.


After following the instructions in this article, you know exactly how to set up your Samsung bedtime function. To set up bedtime mode in Samsung, tap the Digital Wellbeing and parental control setting in your settings app. To activate bedtime mode, adhere to the instructions given above.

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