Top Audiobooks IPhone Apps You Must Know [Updated]

Real readers make reading a priority in their hectic schedules. As a result, mobile app developers considered even more tailored solutions for book enthusiasts. They created audiobooks iPhone apps that enable bookworms to immerse themselves in their favorite books for as long as possible. Users can now use eBook programs that include a book residing option. This enhances the allure and creativity of written material. 

A list of some audiobooks iPhone apps available from the App Store. Apple Books, Libby, Hoopla Digital, Chirp Audiobooks, Kindle Books, Libro.FM, Google play books, Realm, Amazon Kindle, and LibriVox Audio Books are some of them.


A list of some of the top audiobook apps for iPhone and iPad available from the App Store. This article lists the top audiobooks iPhone apps and explains each app’s features. Now let’s look at the top audiobook apps and audiobooks for iPad selection we made for the iPhone and iPad. 

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Apple Books

The iPhone apps created by Apple, including the Books app, are among the best. You can browse millions of audiobooks & ebooks from every genre, including thrillers, romance, mysteries, children’s novels, comics, and more, making it the ideal option for Apple users.

apple books

Everything that Apple makes has a simple, user-friendly interface, and we adore it. The audiobooks are also narrated by famous actors, writers, and other voices that you’ll like listening to. You may also establish reading objectives and keep track of the books & audiobooks for iPhone you want to listen to next.


The most popular free audiobook app on iPhone is Audible. Additionally, you may decide whether to purchase audiobooks separately or sign up for an Audible membership to receive monthly credits that can be applied to audiobooks. 


Its interaction with the Amazon shopping app provides further advantages as well. For instance, subscribers of Amazon Prime may receive special discounts on audio material. Additionally, Whispersync on Amazon enables easy switching between ebooks and audiobooks.

Audiobooks For Nooks

With the Nook Audiobooks app and free audiobook listener software, you may listen to 100,000 Nook audiobooks on your iPhone devices. The Nook app links you to the Nook audiobook store, which offers over 100,000 books, among which are discounted. The majority of audiobooks offer free samples that you can download and try. 


It’s not the standard Nook software for reading books, though. And according to several user evaluations, the Nook Audiobooks software needs to be more trustworthy and dependable. In other words, for your digital stuff from the Barnes & Noble store, you need 2 Nook apps.


You can borrow digital items (such as ebooks and audiobooks) from your music library or for free using OverDrive, and you can also use it to access streaming video. Each music library chooses the online content they want its users to use, so each OverDrive collection is unique.


For iPhone users, this app offers more than 28,000 audiobook titles from around the world. This app, which offers free audiobooks, is one of the most popular audiobook apps on iTunes.


Instead of purchasing audiobooks, use Libby to borrow them. With the help of this app, you may search for and borrow as many audiobooks and ebooks as you like from the libraries in your area. You must first register using your library cards; since you don’t have one or live far from some libraries, it will be of little use. After signing up, you can stream audiobooks to save storage on your smartphone or download them for offline usage.


Libby is the finest app for free online audiobooks of all genres, including bestsellers, obscure titles, and new releases. We adore this software since it conveniently stores stuff from several libraries on a single shelf. Most applications only provide access to ancient or classic novels. It’s an easy, practical, and, most importantly, lawful method of downloading free audiobooks on the iPhone.


Here is yet another fantastic app to assist nearby libraries. You can instantly borrow online audiobooks, ebooks, motion pictures, music, comic books, and television shows from your local library using Hoopla.


It’s the perfect method to access your library anywhere you want. No late charges, offline accessibility, and seamless device syncing are a few outstanding advantages. 

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We had to add Scribd to the best iPhone audiobook apps list because it offers so much more than simply an intelligent audiobook for iOS. Users have used it for years, & the subscription is among the best investments. You can access academic publications, newspapers, journals, audiobooks, ebooks, other types of documents, & even music for just $10 each month! It is a content powerhouse with many genres and top-notch features.


The best way to explain Scribd is as a vast digital library where you can instantly access books that are difficult to get elsewhere for the same price. You can change the narrative pace, set a nap timer, & download audiobooks to listen to them when offline. You can also access it on Apple Watch, so you always have music to listen to.


Here is a creative cloud-based option that can help if you want to avoid your audiobooks that take up valuable iPhone storage space. Bound enables you to enjoy DRM-free audiobooks on your iPhone by streaming them from cloud storage platforms like iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive. It comes under the best audiobook apps for iPhone.


The mp3 audiobook player also supports several other file types, such as .m4a, .m4b, and .aac. You would likely lose your place every time you closed the app if you tried to listen to these on a regular audio player.

Bound, however, offers the advantages of programmable playback rates, a sleep timer, & choices for bookmarks and search times. If you already have DRM-free audiobooks, it’s a clever solution!

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Which audiobooks iPhone apps are the best?

Audible is the best audiobook for iPhone. Except for a few intermittent problems, it generally performs well.

Where can I find the best audiobooks to listen to?

A mixed bag of classic audiobooks is available for free on, while 100k premium audiobooks can be synced and listened to after purchasing a $14.95/month subscription.

How do I use my iPad to listen to Audible audiobooks?

It functions flawlessly, and we tested it with a cheap audiobook from the Google Play Store. You can begin hearing to an audiobook on your laptop's browser and pick up where you left off on your iPad's Play Books app. Additionally, audiobooks are synchronized.

Are audiobooks free on the LibriVox app?

The app is an excellent way to see if you like audiobooks. You may find audiobooks produced in over 30 languages in the LibriVox library. Over 50,000 free books are available on LibriVox, which is available to use without restriction.


All book readers are welcomed and appreciated. Our efforts to hand-pick every one of the best audiobooks iPhone apps for the iOS platform reflect the encouragement. In light of this, this article provides a thorough overview of the top audiobook apps for the iPhone. Every one of the apps we choose is feature-rich and enables you to access all of your favorite audiobooks for at-home listening.

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