Top 4 Audible Alternatives for Book Lovers | Reviewed

With the advancement of technology, there has been a considerable reduction in the number of people reading hard copies. Another reason for this is that reading printed books require a bit more effort and time. Audiobooks came into being to assist people with disabilities. Now they have become assistance to all people who want to read, for the love of it or the purpose of learning. Audible, owned by Amazon, is the best of all platforms that exist today for the same. But the subscription rate is high, and hence it is somewhat unaffordable by all. Almost all audiobook providers are paid sites. Hence we look for Audible alternatives for cheaper rates.

There was a time when people who read for pleasure preferred hard copies of books over audiobooks or soft copies. However, this has also changed. Audiobooks are gaining popularity among all categories of readers.

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4 Best Audible Alternatives for Book-lovers

Although Audible was one of the first platforms to establish itself as an audiobook service provider. Many other  alternative to Audible have come up. The following are Audible competitors, that won’t let you down:

Google Play Books

Google Play Books is a good choice for people who want books at an affordable price. It comes inbuilt with most phones and has a relatively good User Interface. Moreover, it easy to browse through the available books, and many of them are available under discounts. It is not only an audiobooks platform.

Google play books

This is as an advantage as well as a disadvantage. The advantage is that one can switch to reading books as per convenience. And the disadvantage is that since it is not solely dedicated to developing audiobooks content, the personalization options and other facilities are limited or not up to the mark as in Audible or Kobo books. But Google Play Books is definitely a good alternative to Audible.

Visit: Google Play Books

Kobo Books

Kobo offers the perfect audiobook platform next to Audible. They have a large collection, and the personalization options also range-wide. Also a better subscription fees, much lower than Audible. Around the year special offers for students are present, which is great, because students of all ages contribute more than half of all reading community.

Kobo books

However, the titles available on Kobo Books are less than that available on Audible. The User Interface of Kobo Books is also excellent as it is solely dedicated to the purpose of developing audiobook content, unlike Google Play Books.

Visit: Kobo Books

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Internet Archive

This website is yet another option for people who want audiobooks free of cost, just for the sake of reading it. Another great advantage is that the Internet Archive contains audiobooks from LibriVox and is downloadable to listen offline. The collections are limited, but this is a perfect option for people who want access to audiobooks.

Internet Archive audible alternatives

It also has other domains, and the website is easy to use, and the audio would run in the background while you can work on your computer. Or you can download the audio and listen to it on your audio player while driving or working, or traveling.

Visit: Internet Archive


LibriVox is another choice when you have a library card. It hence has no subscription fee. Using the card for a single library, access is gained to almost 30,000 libraries.

LibriVox audible alternatives

However, it is the US that concentrates on this most. Another similar platform is OverDrive, where access to the audiobooks of the library that you are a member of is granted. Overall one may argue it is better than Audible.

Visit: LibriVox

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Audible alternatives that are as good as Audible that the internet limits and are not subscription free. And Amazon provides an Audible subscription as part of its Amazon Prime membership. It is the best platform for audiobooks, and if someone is ready to spend on Audible alternatives, it would be worth it if you spend it on Audible itself.

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