9 Best ASMR YouTube Channels For You

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR, is a unique way of gaining relaxation for the new generation. It gives an intensely relaxing and calming impression, especially for people who go through intense anxiety and restlessness. Most people find ASMR as a way to reduce their stress and get a night of sound sleep or meditation. Let’s look at the top YouTube ASMR channels if you’re looking for the finest places to receive free ASMR.

Different people have different tastes in ASMR. Some may be interested in sleeping sounds, some in natural sounds, some in eating sounds, and some may find the sound of simple scratching attractive. You can check out these nine famous and best ASMR YouTube channels and find out what suits you the most – Gentle Whispering, ASMR Darling, Gibi ASMR, WhispersRed, ASMR Magic, Tingting, ASMR Requests, Fast ASMR, and Heather Feather ASMR. All these channels give different experiences of feeling ASMR because they have other techniques and strategies for creating ASMR content.


The ASMR channels on YouTube give some people the right kind of tranquil feel they need. Nowadays, several people feel stressed and frustrated due to the tight and busy schedule of their day-to-day life. If you are one such person in need of ASMR channels, you can find out the best ASMR channels on YouTube.

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Why Do People Need ASMR Channels?

Humans are in a hectic world and are preoccupied with the tensions, strain, and depression they face continuously. They rely on ASMR channels these days to get rid of this nervousness. Watching ASMR is found to have sound effects on people as it has proved to lower the hypertension of humans immensely. It has increased the popularity of ASMR channels so significantly. 


If you also seek freedom from all these troubles, ASMR might help you. ASMR channels play a significant role in reducing the negativity inside people by relieving all their frustrations.

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The Most Popular ASMR Channels

Let us see some of the best ASMR YouTube channels. 

Gentle Whispering

Gentle Whispering is an ASMR YouTube channel owned by the Russian-American girl Maria Viktorovna. This channel is a very popular and famous one among the ASMR channels. She is the most popular ASMR artists.

Her voice can make you feel so peaceful as it is the best soothing voice ever. Her soft voice and the way she speaks and makes sounds aesthetically have made her the most viewed ASMR artist.

ASMR Darling

ASMR Darling is one of the best ASMR YouTube channels owned by American creator Taylor Darling. This very appealing channel can give you extraordinarily soft and cute ASMRs. She uses several innovative ways to create the most comfortable sounds. 

If you are a true lover of ASMR, this channel will give you the desired result because it creates the most imaginative ways of taking you to a.


Gibi ASMR is a famous ASMR channel that became so popular that this channel is now the favorite channel for ASMR addicts.

Her whispers and unique style of speech is the most distinguishing feature of this YouTube channel. It is sure that you will get goosebumps from viewing her channel. 


Are you looking for sound therapy? Then it would be best if you explored this channel. WhispersRed offers you whispers, tickling sounds, and all kinds of creative ASMR.

With her soft, tranquil voice, she talks of stories or even her experiences. It is one of the most well-liked channels for ASMR artists. 

ASMR Magic

Some people love ASMR but hate people talking or whispering. ASMR Magic is one of the best ASMR YouTube channels where you can find ASMR of sounds other than talking.

You can get many new, original, and creative sounds from here. It also offers several kinds of ASMR for different scenarios. 


Tingting is the channel of one of the most liked YouTube best artists.

Here you can get the lightest and sleep-inducing sounds of tickling and calming sensations.

ASMR Requests

ASMR Request is an ASMR YouTube channel that can provide you with the ASMRs of the requested ones.

It is engaging, with a personal connection between the host and viewers.


 If you want a relatively short experience with ASMR, opt for this channel.

This channel uses different techniques and methods of creating ASMR that interest you.

Heather Feather ASMR

With her feather-like voice, Heather, the host of the ASMR channel Heather Feather ASMR gives you the proper ear rest.

You can find the most soothing soft voices here. This channel can give you the best tinkles.


Which is the most famous ASMR?

Among the many ASMR channels, ASMR Darling is the most popular one. She may lull you to sound slumber with her soothing voice and quiet conversation, which is the leading cause.

What do ASMR artists do?

ASMR artists create soothing sounds and post them on youtube, which helps people to get rid of their anxiety and depression as these soft sounds can give them the most calming moments for the day.

What are some excellent ASMR channels?

If you are an ASMR admirer, some of the best channels that would help you are Gentle Whispering, ASMR Darling, Gibi ASMR, etc.

Is ASMR popular?

ASMR is popular this year, also. People find hearing ASMR the best way to let them lose their tension. It also gives them a calm rest and sleep.

Is ASMR unhealthy?

ASMR is healthy as long as ASMR gives you relaxation from the hectic day and will only interrupt other chores due to addiction. It gives you more access to a peaceful mind.


Without any doubt, you can assert that watching ASMR will give you much stress-free life. From among hundreds and thousands of ASMR channels, now that you’ve learned more about the best ASMR youtube channels that detail numerous intricacies and features of ASMR production, thanks to this post. Check them out, analyze what kind of ASMR d you prefer, and find the perfect one. Want to know about the best food channels in YouTube? Check this out!