Apps like Uber for Your Instant Transportation in 2023

In the era of a self-owned car, most people are yet reliable to public transportation like bike, car and auto for various reasons. Whether you are going to office, a party or any gathering, these apps like Uber are trustworthy to use at any hour of the day. To make your life easier, we have collected some of the best apps like Uber  which provide car and bike services for a smooth runaway to your schedule.

Top 5 Apps Like Uber to Drive Your Way in 2023

Irrespective of your lead as a passenger, or a driver, here are five best ever apps like Uber that can help you to reach your destination on time.

Ola Cabs 

One of the most used cab services for traveling from one place to another is Ola cabs. It is among the popular apps like Uber. It is a Bengaluru based cab company. Ola Cabs came into existence in 2010. Initially, when Ola came, it was more used than Uber in India and got excellent reviews. It is an Indian based cab/taxi service. It surely has given fierce competition to Uber in recent years. To book an Ola cab, you should have the Ola app on your mobile phone.

Ola Cabs provides both online and offline payment options. The customers can pay according to their wish through credit/debit cards or by cash. Ola cab app is available for free on iOS and Android platforms. It extended its service overseas to countries like the UK, New Zealand, Australia. Some of the services it offers are Prime SUV, Prime Sedan, Micro, Mini, E-Rickshaw, etc. It has more than 1,50,000 bookings per day. Ola cabs also provide a pre-booking option in which you can book a taxi in advance for some days.ola

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Meru Cabs

It is a Mumbai based cab company. It is one of the largest Indian Radio Taxi providers in India and one of the competitors to the apps like Uber. Meru cab services started before Uber and Ola came into existence in India. These cabs are a bit expensive compared to other cabs as observed. Meru cab is one of the apps like Uber that provides facilities like live Google maps, route tracking, map navigation, and more. These cabs are most commonly found outside airports. The customers can choose from Hatchback, Sedan, SUV according to their preference. It accepts payments through cash or multiple wallet options.

Also, it provides excellent offers and deals with a lot of ride options. Meru Cabs has gained a lot of popularity due to its unique services and customer reviews.
Recently, it has been known that Meru Cabs have tied up with Google Now, which sends notifications, alerts to passengers from time to time about their pickups, location, etc.meru

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Mega Cabs

It is a radio taxi just like Meru Cabs, but they are a bit more expensive than Meru Cabs. The affordable feature of the app makes it special among other apps like Uber. These cabs provide local and outstation services as well. You can book a cab by calling on the number provided by them, on their website or their app on your mobile phone. Payment can be made either by the credit card or by cash. Their charges differ from city to city.

Also, these cabs charge more at night. These cab services are provided in the towns like Delhi, Amritsar, Agra, Shimla, and many others. You may travel or take trips from Delhi to Agra or vice versa in these cabs. It is known to be one of the cheapest cab services in Delhi. It provides affordable outstation service rates based on the type of car the customer rents. Mega cabs have their app available on iOS and android platforms. The app is easy to use and understand.mega

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Easy Cabs

It is a radio taxi mostly in states like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. It is a cab service provided by Carzonrent India Private Limited (CIPL) or Carzonrent. This company is situated in New Delhi, which is also the first indian company to offer cab services and to offer car leasing as well. You can easily rent these cars whenever needed. For booking an EasyCab, you can call on their number or can download their app on your mobile phone and book. It got popular very fast as it was the only rental car service in India when it came into existence. This feature of the app makes it worthy to use among the other apps like Uber.

The catch here is that they offer an on-time arrival guarantee to the customer, or the customer would get the next ride free. EasyCabs has a partnership with the Indian Railways. They provide cab services to railway passengers. EasyCabs are also expensive. It competes with companies like Ola cabs, Uber, Meru cabs. Also, it has given fierce competition to Zoomcar in a self car rental service.apps like Uber easy

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Revv is a self-drive car rental provider, and one of the best apps like Uber. It also provides drivers that can drive you to the destination in case you don’t want to drive. Revv provides doorstep delivery of the car. Initially, it had only nine cars in Delhi/NCR when it just started, then, later on, it expanded its services to other parts of the country like Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc. At the moment, it provides its services to 22 cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and more.

It also has a partnership with top car companies like Hyundai, Mahindra & Mahindra. Revv provides its customers with new cars as well. You can book the car through an app or its website. This company is owned by Carzonrent, which is located in New Delhi. It is one of the best service providers who want to rent a car and doesn’t mind driving on their own. It provides a drop and picks up the facility, which makes it quite easy for the customers. You can use the rented car for about 84 hours. It offers affordable prices. Revv also lets its customers rent a car for a month.apps like Uber revv

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Conclusion – Best Uber Alternatives

These were some of the handpicked apps like Uber we had collected for you. You can enjoy these services by installing the apps and reach your destination on time. Lastly, if you download any, we’d be happy to know about your experience.

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