Top 5 Listed Apps For Freelancers To Increase Productivity

SEO is essential for almost all freelancers. SEO plays a vital role in nearly all areas, whether in content writing, marketing, sales, or other fields. It makes all the difference whether your website will ride to the top of being average and get lost, among others. Every freelancer needs multiple tools to help them. These tools not only help them in doing work quickly but also are favorable in reducing mistakes. Following are some top listed apps for freelancers to increase Productivity.

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5 Best Apps For Freelancers in 2022

apps for freelancers

  • Plagiarism checker 
  • Paraphrasing tool 
  • AI Grammar Checker for English
  • ITranslate Translator and Dictionary 
  • Image to text

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Plagiarism Checker 

Detecting plagiarism is essential for every kind of content creator. For a freelancing writer, plagiarism checking is one of the necessities.

To make sure that the content being provided is not copied but newly created as per requirement. Multiple clients ask for a zero plagiarism indicating file along with the content.

Plagiarism checker- best apps for freelancers

Plagiarism checking app like Prepostseo plagiarism checker is essential for all the freelancers. Whether you are working in academic writing, content writing, or blog writing, you need this tool to check all the databases and libraries to ensure that this content you are responsible for is entirely plagiarism-free no hint of any word copied from someone else’s work.

This tool has artificial intelligence algorithms in its software that does a new job and entirely assures the writer that the content is fresh & up to date.

Visit: Plagiarism checker

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Paraphrasing Tool 

In every content writer’s career, writer’s block becomes frequent. It is the time when they are no longer able to produce quality content and have to rely on the internet to provide them good content. Creating fresh content all the time is a hectic job and not consistently successful. 

So here paraphrasing tool makes it easier for the writers to copy without getting caught with plagiarism and putting the reputation online.

paraphrasing tool- best apps for freelancers

Paraphrasing the content manually can take a lot of time and reduce productivity. However, sometimes writers are required long content that is very time-consuming, so getting help from a paraphraser seems the right option.

If you are looking to increase your productivity, save time, work efficiently, and have human-like results for free, then this is the app for you. Your work will be appreciated, and this tool will be a lifesaver. 

Visit: Paraphrasing tool 

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iTranslate Translator & Dictionary

Working as a freelancer means interacting with people all across the world. Learning languages and knowing about culture is a great thing, but a freelancer can’t be a pro in all languages,

They have to get help in understanding what the client from another zone of the world wants so they can always have an app on their mobile to help them understand everything. If you can’t understand the client, how will you fulfill their requirements and eventually lose the opportunity to work with them.

itranslate translator & dictionary

ITranslate translator and dictionary offers several features which would make the conversation in all languages easy. It gives you the meaning of words and sentence formation and the meaning according to your work-related needs. 

Translations in over 100 languages along with voice-to-voice conversations. So no matter what language your client has, it will not be a hurdle in your work, and you can perfectly understand them as well as communicate. 

You can switch between the dialects while translating so you can manage to keep up with everyone and choose between the male or female voices as comfortability. 

Scan the documents using the camera and get them translated in the app is a beneficial feature as one needs to thoroughly understand the terms and conditions as well as clients details of the contract and other documents

This application is the best in dealing with overseas clients 

Visit: iTranslate Translator & Dictionary

AI Grammar Checker For English 

English isn’t the mother tongue of all content writers. English content writers need to be checking their content all the time. No matter how good a writer is, everyone can make grammatical mistakes. 

Wrong grammar can result badly in all kinds of writing jobs. For example, having bad grammar in a paper would deduct the marks or present the paper poorly, reflecting on the writer.

aI grammar checker for english

The online content writers need to take care of grammar as the Search engines thoroughly check the content and grammar. If the content is not grammatically correct, the search engines start degrading the website.

Having written great content with a deep vocabulary helps secure more content writing work that will provide you financial benefits. 

This app helps the writers automatically correct content and analyze all the mistakes and corrections provided. Therefore, it is a beneficial output that is going to save a lot of embarrassment. 

Visit: AI Grammar Checker for English

Image To Text 

An image-to-text converter equipped with OCR is one of the leading and essential tools for every writer. In pdf, content written on pages, etc., has to be retyped every time it is to be used. 

These days, social media blogging has taken a high turn. And you must have all the information written in the document posted on Instagram, Twitter, or WhatsApp statuses. This application converts all these texts from those digital media and gets them written on documents. 

image to text- best app for freelancers

Image to text app makes it easier for every writer to scan the pages of the files and get the content in the text form. In addition, using this free app would allow you to change the content you have just converted instead of having to type out the entire document yourself. 

It is a must-have for every freelancer to work efficiently and save time. It offers 100% results without so the content produced can be trusted and used without having to go through it over and over. 

Visit: Image to Text

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What is the freelancer app?

Freelancer is one of the world's popular freelancing, outsourcing, and crowdsourcing platform, connecting freelancers with those looking for freelancers. Hire the greatest people or look for work anywhere in the world.

Can I do freelancing with my phone?

All of this is also possible with the Freelancer mobile app. Users of Android and iOS can access it. These are just a few mobile apps you can use to make working and collaborating with freelancers easier.

Is Upwork like Fiverr?

Fiverr is primarily for one-time jobs, but Upwork is mainly for long-term labor. The primary distinction between these two sites is that Fiverr is focused on hiring freelancers for one-time jobs. At the same time, Upwork prioritizes the development of long-term partnerships between freelancers and clients.


In conclusion, if you’re a freelancer then this article might be very useful for you. These Apps For Freelancers have been utilized by every freelance workers from all around the world.

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