AirPods Apps For Android Users

Everyone was taken aback by the Apple AirPods because there had been no prior leaks or speculations. It may have been the biggest launch for Apple in a very long time. What if you don’t own an iPhone, though? Users can now forget all worries since Android-friendly versions of the AirPods app are brought into reality. Everyone has been raving about the AirPods apps for Android, and they are highly sought after.

The AirPods are a popular brand of wireless earphones that were developed by Apple Inc. Although they are primarily made to operate with Apple devices, there are a number of apps that allow Android users to make use of them. Air Audi, Air Battery, Remote, AirDroid,  and more are among the top 10 AirPods applications.

The top 10 AirPods Apps for Androids are listed in this article. Also, we’ll address any of your inquiries regarding Apple AirPods for Android. This article is the ultimate guide for the best AirPods apps for Android available for you.

What Are Airpods?

AirPods are a creation of Apple Inc. manufacturers, which are wireless headsets that come in series per their latest versions and modifications. 

They have been extremely well-liked since their initial release in December 2016, when buyers took advantage of their usefulness and simplicity. Bluetooth allows users to wirelessly link their iPhone, iPad, or Mac to AirPods to stream music, make calls, and even activate Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant.

A lightning connector and a viable transport method can resolve the problem. The small charging case keeps the AirPods in charging mode when not used.airpod with charging case Sensors and a built-in microphone enable touch instructions. When removed from the case, they immediately turn on and establish a connection with the most recent gadget.

For hands-free operation, AirPods also include noise-cancelling technology and voice-activated Siri access. They may use along with any Bluetooth-enabled device, including Android tablets and phones, Smart Watches, iPhones, Macs, Apple desktops, and more.

In conclusion, AirPods are Bluetooth-enabled wireless earbuds with voice-activated Siri access, automatic on and connect, music playback pause, noise cancellation, and automatic on and connect. Moreover, a charging case also includes.

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AirPods have quickly ascended to the top of the list of preferred wireless earphones because of their sleek design and simple interactivity with Apple goods. Yet many Android users want to know if they can use AirPods’ convenience and functionality.

AirPods are compatible with a number of Android applications. The top 10 Android applications for AirPods are shown below.


It is an essential and great app if you wish to track the battery usage of your device.airpods inside charging case The app offers the most recent battery information for the charging case and left and right earphones, among other devices. It also provides a practical alarm function that tells you when the power of your AirPods is becoming low.


The software called AirAudio is helpful if you wish to stream music to your headsets while operating an Android device. airaudi airpodsConsequently, when accessing different podcasts, music, or content from your devices, whether a smartphone or a laptop, you don’t need to worry about connectivity or device compatibility.


You may stream music while operating an Android smartphone and AirAudio app.airdroid Consequently, when enjoying tunes, audiobooks, or other information directly from your phone or tablet, you don’t need to worry about connectivity or device compatibility.

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It is an excellent pair of AirPods and wireless connectivity for playing video games.holding airpod in hand Using your AirPods to touch and drag, the software allows you to look for sports on your Android handset.

AirPods Pro

You may modify the configuration of your AirPods using the AirPods Pro app.airpods pro You may adjust the sound’s volume, EQ, and sound cancellation to suit your needs. 


AirBuddy is an excellent app for anyone who wants to use the special features of the AirPods.airbuddy app A component in the software allows you to touch and glide with your AirPods, so you can use them to control your Android device.

AirPods Commands

You can control your AirPods with the AirPods Control app for Android devices.airpod with phone This necessitates tweaking the noise cancellation, EQ, and loudness.

Connectable AirPods 

With the AirPods Connect app, you may connect your AirPods to an Android phone. connectable airpods Without worrying about cables or device compatibility, you can now enjoy music, audiobooks, and other entertainment content from your phone or tablet.

Android AirPods

Installing the AirPods app, available for Android devices, allows you to use your AirPods with an Android phone. Now you can stream your desired music, podcasts, and other amusement straight from your phone or tablet without worrying about wires or device airPods Although Apple’s Android app for AirPods might not be as seamlessly connected with Android as iOS, several Android AirPods applications still improve the user interface and provide more versatility.

You can do everything using an app, including monitoring your AirPods’ battery life, controlling your Android phone from your AirPods, and changing the audio settings.


Can Apple EarPods work on Android?

Although the Apple EarPods can use with Android smartphones, their performance might differ from that on the native Apple device. The AirPods connect to different devices with the help of Bluetooth or an audio connector of 3.5 mm width. Therefore, the Airpods would work as long as these requirements meet. There can be certain differences with the Android devices regarding touch or pause controls.

Is there an AirPod app?

Due to the presence of third-party applications and extensions, you can use the AirPods apps available for your Android devices. Functions of control and administration, transfering of files, checking the status of battery usage, etc, are possible to perform.

Is it viable to transmit files from the Android, with the help of an app, to the AirPods?

The well known application called AirDroid is helpful if you wish to perform such functions. However, the performance might vary from device to devices.

Do any applications let me change the settings on my AirPods Pro or AirPods Max?

Yes, apps like AirPods Pro Settings and AirPods Max Settings allow you to change your AirPods Pro or AirPods Max settings.


Android users may now use the AirPods apps for Android, a popular accessory, with the help of these programs. You may use the applications in this collection to do various functions, including sharing files, organizing apps, controlling your AirPods, and monitoring the battery level. The finest AirPods applications for Android are now available to you thanks to our list, which is quite precise and useful.