5 Ways Of Adding Dropbox To File Explorer [Problem Fixed]

A little application called Dropbox connects to File Explorer. You can directly add folders and files to your Dropbox folder from a Windows 10 or 11 PC. Continue reading to learn ways of quickly adding Dropbox to file explorer.


You can use the cloud storage service Dropbox exclusively in your web browser. However, File Explorer also allows you to add a Dropbox folder. Installing Dropbox on your Windows computer, adding files and folders to the Dropbox folder, modifying the folder path, and many more options are some ways to add Dropbox to file explorer.

In this article, we have discussed the top 5 ways how you can do it. So, follow these methods to learn more.

On My Computer, Where Is The Dropbox Folder?

Following installation, Dropbox ought to appear in File Explorer. You might need help finding if you renamed it or downloaded it elsewhere than its default location. By opening File Explorer and entering the following in the address bar, you may locate the locations of the files that the Dropbox app has saved %HOMEPATH%/Dropbox. Click here to learn 

How To Get Dropbox In File Explorer

The following are some methods of getting dropbox in file explorer.

On A Windows PC, Download Dropbox

  1. You’ll need the Dropbox app to add Dropbox to File Explorer.
    • If you do not currently have a Dropbox account, go to the DB login page.
  2. Open the sign-up page by clicking the associated link. db login page
  3. Complete the text fields needed for user account setup.
  4. You’ll be requested to download the Dropbox application after creating an account.
    1. To do this, click Dropbox Download.
  5. After that, launch the Dropbox installer to include it in Windows. launch the dropbox installer to include it in windows
  6. Open the Dropbox app download page in a browser if you already have a Dropbox account but still need to download the necessary software. Also, read this article  for best free zip file opener software for windows.

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Add Documents And Directories To The Dropbox Folder

  1. To launch File Explorer, use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + E.  windows key + e
  2. The Dropbox folder should now be on the left of the File Explorer window. left of the file explorer window
    1. To access that Dropbox folder, click on it.
  3. To add files to your online storage, drag & drop them into the Dropbox folder.
  4. Right-clicking the DB folder in file explorer and choosing.
    1. Now, you can add new folders to Dropbox.

Integrate File Explorer With The Dropbox Folder

  1. To launch File Explorer, use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + E.  windows key + e
  2. The Dropbox folder is now on the left of the File Explorer window. left of the file explorer window
    1. Expert counsel: Some PC issues can be difficult to fix, particularly when corrupted or missing Windows files are involved. Your system may be compromised if you’re having problems repairing an issue.
    2. It is strongly encouraged to download Restoro, an application that will scan your pc and identify the issue. download restoro
    3. To download and begin mending, click here.
  3. Use the right mouse click to open a menu of choices by selecting the folder.
  4. Choose Pin to Quick access in step four.
  5. File Explorer now features Dropbox. quick access
    1. You can quickly add Dropbox to the Quick Access file explorer section. To accomplish this, right-click on the DB folder and choose the Pin to Access menu item. Click here to learn how you can find a path of file in mac.

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Modify The Path To The Dropbox Folder

  1. You can change the path location of the Dropbox folder.
  2. To do this, click the Dropbox system tray icon to reveal the option.
  3. Click the Access and manage Dropbox settings icon on the system tray menu’s upper right corner. dropbox settings
  4. Click the Preferences menu item.
  5. Then select the Sync tab, which is located just below. sync
  6. Select the Move option.
  7. After that, choose a different path for Dropbox in the Browse for Folder window and press the OK button.
  8. Select the Apply option.

It is an additional method for adding Dropbox to file explorer. Also, read this article on how to add google drive to file explorer.

Add Dropbox To Windows Explorer Send To Menu

Add Dropbox to the Send to submenu in the context menu to improve the integration of Dropbox with File Explorer even more.

  1. Launch File Explorer to do it. launch file explorer
  2.  In the File Explorer path bar, type%APPDATA%/Microsoft/Windows/Send To and hit the Return key. type%appdata%microsoftwindowssend to
    1. That link will launch the SendTo folder displayed below.
  3. The Dropbox folder is located on the left side of File Explorer. Click and hold it.
    1. After doing so, let go of the left mouse button and drag Dropbox into the SendTo folder.
  4. Dropbox is now accessible from the Send to submenu.
  5. Next, choose to transfer the file to Dropbox from the Send to option.

Currently, File Explorer will be able to access your Dropbox cloud storage. Adding this will allows you to transfer files between the cloud storage and your local computer without opening a browser. Also, try to fix if your file explorer is not opening in your windows 10.

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How to add the file to Dropbox in Windows 10?

Drag and drop documents into the Dropbox folder to add them to your cloud storage. By selecting New from the context menu and right-clicking inside the DB folder in explorer, you can add new folders to Dropbox. Next, choose the Folder option. Right-click the DB folder and choose Pin to Quick access to add Dropbox to File Explorer's Quick access.

How do we relocate the Dropbox folder on Windows 10?

Go to the menu and choose a folder. Right-click the DB folder and choose Pin to Quick access to add Dropbox to File Explorer's Quick access. Modify the Dropbox folder's location. You can modify the path to your Dropbox folder.

How do we send several files to Dropbox at once?

Choose as many files as you'd like from the Files menu and click Open. If you choose a folder, choose a folder, then click Upload. Launch File Explorer (Windows) or Finder and choose the Dropbox folder (Mac). Drag and drop (or copy and paste) the desired folders or files into the Dropbox folder that has just opened.

How can we reclaim my previous Dropbox folder?

The Dropbox desktop program is the file manager that Dropbox now wants you to use. Here's how to get the previous Dropbox folder. Open Dropbox first. Select the Dropbox symbol on the Mac menubar or the Windows system tray. You'll see the Dropbox window appear.

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We hope that adding Dropbox to File Explorer was simple for you. The top five ways are all discussed in the post. This article also answers a few frequently asked questions might help you. Want to learn how to open HEIC file from anywhere.